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Course Details

Even with a background in journalism and PR media training your own executives and senior managers can be a daunting experience. Gain the skills you need to provide professional in-house media training for your key spokespeople.

This advanced full day workshop is designed for experienced journalists and other PR and communications professionals who would like to train their executives to handle challenging questions on demanding subjects from potentially hostile journalist.

It is suitable for those who already have some experience of media training, either as a participant or as an observer.

What to expect

The training is designed to enhance your existing knowledge and build your skills quickly in a supportive environment. We will take you through the whole process of Media Training from preparing your interview scenarios to recorded practical exercises with playback analysis.

We cover all the journalistic tricks, traps and pitfalls, showing you how to act and think as a working journalist.

Our aim is to empower you with the skill you need give to brief your  spokespeople effectively as well as prepare them practically for all types of media encounter.

Who should attend

  • PR Professionals
  • Communication Leads
  • Press Officers
  • PR Managers



    All Participants Receive

    • A recording of practical exercises
    • Press release templates
    • Workshop materials and media Interview rulebook and handy tips card to help with future media interviews
    • Written assessments if required
    • A certificate of attendance if required


      You will learn

      • Prepare your introduction
      • Prepare course materials and develop interview scenarios
      • Take on the role of the journalist in mock interviews
      • Analyse and feedback to the participants – highlighting the positive
      • Prepare journalist questions – crisis and success
      • Develop and refine key messages
      • Give constructive criticism
      • Brief spokespeople effectively for future interviews
      • Key theoretical points to cover
      • Interview scenario development
      • How to prepare journalist questions – crisis and success
      • Interview scenario development – how a journalist thinks
      • How a journalist turns a success story into crisis
      • How to keep your spokespeople on message
      • Tips on sounding and looking good on camera

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