The National Housing Summit is coming up next week and promises to be an exciting event.

Tackling Britain’s housing crisis is high on the agenda, and not something that any organisation can do alone. It is good to hear how local government, housing associations and Homes England are joining forces and working more closely together to deliver the housing that our country needs.

We are living in uncertain times, politically, economically and socially, but having the certainty of a roof over your head and an assured long-term tenancy in a community that you can invest in
shouldn’t be a luxury, but a basic right in one of the world’s wealthiest nations.

Although Brexit currently dominates the media spotlight, the housing crisis is still getting a good
share of national media coverage. Keeping it in the media is essential if we are to tackle the housing crisis effectively.

Having a variety of voices from a range of collaborating organisations has never been more
important. If you have the ambition and desire to communicate more actively with the media, and be a bigger voice for social housing, we would love to hear from you.

Our media trainers can enhance your media skills and ensure that you are able to handle the
challenges of Newsnight or Question Time with expertise and confidence.