Crisis PR Support

How you quickly act and appropriately respond is crucial to the reputation of your organisation.

We are here to help

In the world of 24/7 rolling news and the immediacy of Social Media sites any organisation can be thrown into a media crisis instantly.

Every crisis is different, so our Crisis PR Support is tailored to each client and their particular issues.

So when the worst is about to happen, or has happened, – call us on 01628 474 154.

We will:

  • Listen to you
    • Understand your story
    • Who is affected – why, where and how
    • Discuss the implications and probable outcome
  • Devise strategies
    • For the best case scenario
    • The worst case scenario
    • The ideal scenario
  • Create a media list, if required
  • Advise on Social Media strategy
  • Prepare documents
    • Q&A
    • Key messages
    • Holding statements
    • Press releases
    • Background
  • Brief your spokespeople
    • Key message development
    • Rehearse Q&A
  • Prepare and rehearse your key spokespeople for media interviews
    • Intense practical training for your key personnel
    • Use your own crisis scenarios and key messages
    • Handle hostile reporters
  • Be there to support you manage potentially hostile media interest and aggressive reporters.