Facing a Select Committee is no picnic as several high profile performances have recently demonstrated. Even the most experienced executives can be left floundering or appear evasive when asked about company tax arrangements or their own salary.

Any big news story can trigger a select committee session. It’s unpredictable Starbucks, Google, Amazon and G4S are the high profile, often embarrassing, appearances that spring to mind. There’s far too much at stake to risk trying to “wing it” or go in only partially prepared. Personal and corporate reputations can be ruined in minutes, as mistakes are relayed on social and traditional media.

Keeping your cool under the glare of a Select Committee’s hostile, even aggressive, line of questioning isn’t easy. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t volunteer to do a media interview without media training, so why would you consider facing a Select Committee without thorough preparation and coaching. You need to know your facts, but you also need to know how to answer questions easily and deliver your key messages with credibility.

Our team of experienced broadcast journalists can help you prepare effectively and rehearse you through this potentially gruelling ordeal. Let us help you to turn your Select Committee appearance into a positive opportunity to enhance your reputation and communicate your key messages with credibility and clarity.