Real Time Crisis Media Management For Executive Teams

When a crisis strikes, you know you have to act fast. Decisive action and swift, responsible communication will help protect your reputation.


Preparation is the key.

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What to expect

This advanced course will be tailored to Executives and Senior Managers.

You will be working as a team throughout.

We start with crisis management theory, best practice as well as examples of disastrous crisis communications. You will work on planning, developing your strategies, communication tools, holding statements Q&A’s and key messages. You will also deal with some of the most challenging media interviews you will ever have to face. You will come away battle-hardened and well prepared, should the worst happen.

Who should attend

  • Chief Executives and Directors
  • Senior Managers and Leaders
  • Experienced spokespeople who may be faced with a crisis at short notice
  • Communications Executives
  • Media and PR managers
  • Senior press officers

All Participants Receive

  • A recording of practical exercises
  • Workshop materials and media Interview rulebook
  • Handy tips card to help with future media interviews
  • Ideas for enhancing your crisis strategy
  • Ideas for your crisis media plan
  • Written assessments if required
  • A certificate of attendance if required

Get the best from the course

  • We will liaise with your Communications team to devise tailored interviews scenarios
  • We will focus on crises that could affect your organisation, and your crisis communication plan and strategy. We may review this before hand with your Communications team or with you on the day
  • We offer Crisis Media Strategy brain storming session, before or after this course, to help you develop your plans
  • We can also help you to develop your crisis media strategy, if required
  • Keep the numbers low, no more than six people. This will ensure that you get plenty of time for the practical media interviews, playback analysis and the one to one tuition
  • Please complete your pre-course questionnaire so that we can cover any specific issues

You will learn

  • Crisis media management theory
  • Managing crisis driven media
  • How to prepare effectively
  • The communication tools that you need
  • What you need to prepare now
  • To work as a team under pressure
  • How to handle “doorstepping journalists” in a crisis.
  • How to prepare your key messages
  • How to handle a media crisis
  • Avoiding the “empty chair” and “no comment”
  • Our 3 R’s crisis media interview formula
  • Key principles of dealing with the media in a crisis
  • What you can say and can not say
  • Tips on voice and body language
  • Taking control of media interviews for press, radio and TV.
  • How to handle tough or difficult questions and avoiding pitfalls or traps.
  • How to communicate key messages about your issues
  • How to get your major points across by being assertive in interviews.
  • To show grace and have confidence under pressure.
  • Show you how to sound authoritative and confident.

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