In the final days before the General Election many voters are still undecided, not just about who will run the country, but also who to vote for in their local elections.

Only one thing is certain, that’s uncertainty, even at local level. It could be that there will be an influx of new Members for many councils this May.

Protecting your reputation may not be high on their agenda, but being aware of the influence of tradition media and the immediacy of social media is essential for all elected councillors.

Our Media Awareness Seminar is ideal as part of an induction programme for new Members. It’s entertaining, as well as informative, so let our BBC experts give your new Councillors a good overview of the media, showing how to spot media opportunities and how to use the media proactively to promote your successes.

Our media trainers will also help councillors understand the news value of your council and the important role the communications team plays in maintaining and enhancing your council’s reputation.

If you have new Cabinet Members, your focus will probably be more on gearing them up as your key media spokespeople. Our bespoke Media Interview Skills Training can be run in your own premises, in the evening or at weekend to fit in with busy schedules.

Don’t delay! Book your training now if you want to be certain that your key spokespeople are Media Friendly.