Projecting an Executive Presence

For CEOs and Directors who need to prepare for their next job interview

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Course Details

Facing a panel interview can be daunting. You have to demonstrate that you have the perfect mix of competencies, skills and temperament required.

This course will help you establish a strong executive presence, demonstrate impressive communication skills and prove your ability to lead effectively, even in the most challenging situations.

If you have the skill set and experience, then demonstrating executive presence during the interview will make you stand out as the ideal candidate.

Our trainer will empower you with the skills you need to harness your energy, communicate with authority and present with control and poise.

These skills are transferrable. Not only will you use them during the recruitment process but also when communicating with colleagues, staff and clients in your future role. 

Our aim is to enhance your communication skills, helping you maximise your personal impact and demonstrate outstanding leadership throughout the recruitment process and in your future roles. 

What to expect

We recommend 1:1 coaching or small groups of two to three people on a half-day session. We can do this remotely or in person.

We will tailor the training to you and the executive panel interviews that you have to face

This coaching is highly practical. Communication is the key, but you also learn how to employ your emotional intelligence, harness your energy and project your executive presence with ease.

We focus on thorough preparation. We include realistic, stimulating and challenging rehearsals which are recorded and played back for analysis.

Our practical course will ensure that you face even the most challenging interview panels with confidence.

Who should attend

  • Aspiring CEOs
  • Aspiring Directors
  • New Directors
  • Senior Leaders
  • Executives who are preparing for their next role


Get the best from this course

We deliver this as a 1:1 confidential coaching session, or in small groups of two or three people, either face-to-face or remotely. We will liaise with you to tailor the session and prepare relevant practical exercises.

All Participants Receive

  • Recordings of practical exercises
  • Workshop handouts
  • Additional support at short notice

You will learn

  • How to make an authoritative first impression
  • How the best leaders communicate – video examples
    • What gives them gravitas and authority
    • Leadership attitudes and beliefs
    • Demonstrating gravitas and authority habitually, whether in a meeting, the corridor, with clients
    • How to prepare your elevator pitch
    • How to prepare for panel interviews
    • How to answer difficult questions and deal with unexpected challenges
    • Communicating effectively, body language
    • Increase your space, stand tall, be expansive, use eye contact effectively
    • How to use your voice – practice pace, tone and inflection 
    • How to enhance your listening skills, use attentive silence, be fully present and empathetic
    • How to ensure your responses carry weight by keeping your ideas short, simple and clear
    • How to phrase your questions
    • How to keep your responses in context to the discussion

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