When you see good presenters delivering with confidence at a conference it’s easy to think they were born to speak in public, it seems to flow so naturally.

 Maybe one or two have natural ability but, for the majority, it’s a skill developed through focus, understanding and practice. But addressing the crowd doesn’t have to be an ordeal, it can be fun. But there are three key things to remember:

  • Know your audience
  • Know your subject
  • Keep it simple

Know your audience

Who are you talking to and why are you there? Understanding your audience is the key to preparing your presentation. You’ll need a completely different approach if you are pitching a persuasive business proposition to clients than if you are presenting the findings of your research to a peer group. 

Know your subject

Knowing your subject doesn’t mean that you have to say everything you know. Can you sum up what you’re going to tell the audience in your presentation? What message(s) do you want the audience to take away at the end? What actions would you like them to take?

Keep it simple

Keep your message clear and simple if you want your audience to retain information. Back up your messages with facts and data if it helps, but remember, less is more likely to stick in the memory. That means no more than three key messages if you are hoping to persuade or inspire your audience to action.

Those are our three messages.

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