Media experts know that authentic key messages, that are communicated clearly and succinctly, are invaluable. Your messages should be backed up with examples; human interest stories, numbers and research based evidence. You should have plenty of examples well prepared. If you’re on a radio chat show, you can take your notes in with you, as long as you’re not rustling papers. On television, remotely or in a studio, just a few bullets points on a card as a support in case you need it should do.

The main thing is to have few examples ready to expand on so that you control and guide the interview to develop your points and emphasise your message. 

There are lots of examples of compelling key messages that work. 

Probably the best example of a campaign with powerful key messages is one that is still having profound affects on public health today.  Most of us may have forgotten this now, but these are the three key messages that supported the Ban on Smoking in Public Places laws. 

  • This will save thousands of lives every year
  • Most important day in public health for 60 years, since the Clean Air Act; 
  • 70% of smokers support the Smoking Ban 

These key message examples worked because they had all the core ingredients for powerful key messages; research based evidence, numbers and the emotive human interest. 

Getting the key messages right is only part the challenge.  

Of course you will brief your spokespeople before an important media interview, but ensuring that their media handling skills are regularly refreshed and updated is essential. They have to be well prepared. Even your most experienced media spokesperson can say, or do, the wrong thing under pressure and you never know when a journalist is going to go off track or you throw a googly. 

Media Training is not expensive. 

We tailor our training, your spokespeople gain the advantage of being coached and rehearsed by professional broadcast journalists in a safe environment. One to one remote training takes just two hours. 

Ensure that your spokespeople face their next media interview with skill, authority and confidence. Call Media Friendly now 01626 474154 to discuss your next media training programme.