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Learn how to grow, enhance and influence your business connections on our strategic social media marketing course. This advanced social media training is highly practical, helping you plan and implement your social media strategy.

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Course Details

If you want to know what makes a successful social media campaign, then you’ve come to the right place. On this course you will learn how to create campaigns that speak directly to your audience, nurture a community and establish strong links and connections between your brand, your organisation and your customers.

What to expect


We start with an overview of social media and look at the relevant platforms. We explore how others are using Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote their messages successfully. We then move on to planning your social media, helping you understand how to create content and develop ideas that will help you different platforms more effectively. We will include practical exercises for to help you develop your campaign ideas.

This course you will inspire you with great ideas for winning social media campaigns, original campaigns that truly reflect your brand and resonate with your audience.

Who should attend

  • Senior Managers
  • PR Professionals
  • Communication Officers
  • Marketing Professionals



    All Participants Receive

    • Workshop handouts
    • Written assessments if required
    • A certificate of attendance if required


      You will learn

      • Which social media platforms are most relevant to you and your brand/industry/organisation
      • How other similar organisation are using social media to change attitudes and influence behaviour
      • Which channels will work best for you, who is your audience, what is your message
      • How to create your social media plan – Who, what, where, when, how
      • What will social media success look like?
      • How you can achieve social media success
      • How can you increase social media engagement ?
      • How to create focused campaigns that are unique and original
      • How to track and measure your success.

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