There’s no need to cancel your training plans because of Covid-19. We are delivering high-quality interactive media training courses virtually on Zoom.

The initial reaction to Covid-19 from our clients was to postpone presentation skills and media training courses and to reschedule them for later in the year, but as lockdown and remote working continues, virtual training is the obvious way forward.

Covid-19 has changed how we deliver training now, it’s also changed how the media works. Social distancing and travel restrictions mean that more often than not media interviews will be down-the line or via remote video Zoom and Skype interviews.

Managing the media whilst working from home will need as much, if not more, preparation than a face-to-face studio interview.

Not only will you have to know how to manage a media interview, deliver your key messages and deal with challenging questions, you will also to keep the kids at bay, set up your camera and ensure that you and your surroundings give a professional impression.

We can’t manage the childcare for you, but we can certainly provide expert media training online.

We recommend shorter, tailored online media training sessions. We suggest three hour tailored sessions for up to three people and one to one online media training for approximately ninety minutes to two hours.

As always our media training will be tailored to you, your issues and your spokespeople, so the training may be longer or shorter, depending on your requirements.

Media Friendly offer a range of media training, crisis media management and communication skills courses. All of our trainers are experienced BBC/ITN broadcast journalists and expert media trainers. Do get in touch to discuss your online media, PR and presentation skills courses.