Local elections are just around the corner. Many of you are already planning media training for your new councillors. Having media training will give your key spokespeople the skills they need to handle the media with confidence.

Protecting your reputation

Developing their understanding of how the media work will go a long way to enhancing and maintaining your reputation.

But not all of your councillors need to be able to give effective media interviews, some just need to be more “media savvy”. No one wants a councillor speaking “off the cuff” or making a social media gaffe that could harm your reputation.

The solution

Our Media Awareness Seminar is the perfect induction for new members, and ideal for anyone who needs to enhance their understanding of how the media work.

We cover everything that they need to know, from how a journalist thinks, working with the Communications team and how to spot a potential crisis to preparing for and taking control of media interviews.

We can provide face-to-face training in your own premises from mid June, or remote training via Zoom or Teams.

Call us on 01628 474154 now to book media awareness for new members or media interview skills for key spokespeople and cabinet members.