Crisis Management

A crisis can hit any organisation at any time. Preparation is your key to success.

Preparation is your key to success

When the worst happens you need to know that you have a crisis communications strategy that is tried and tested. You need to know that your spokespeople are robust and confident, even in the most challenging situations. Don’t wait until the media clamour at the door, be prepared, prepare now.

Crisis Media Training

When a crisis strikes you need to be able to react quickly and communicate confidently, safeguarding your reputation, your business and your position.


Remote Crisis Media Training

Keep cool and confident in a crisis, be prepared when a crisis strikes. This essential course is now available from the comfort of your own home or office.


Crisis Communications for PR Professionals

This workshop is designed for PR professionals who may have to deal with a crisis or serious incident at very short notice. We will prepare you for almost every eventuality connected to any crisis issue as well as give you a structure and set of tools to conduct successful media relations in future.

Crisis Media Strategy Session for Executive Teams

Keep cool and confident in a crisis, be prepared when a crisis strikes.

You may not have a communications team that you can call on in a crisis, but you still need to be prepared should the worst happen.

Real Time Crisis Media Management For Executive Teams

When a crisis strikes, you know you have to act fast. Decisive action and swift, responsible communication will help protect your reputation.

You will be working as a team throughout.

Crisis Media Awareness Seminar

This informative and entertaining seminar gives a good insight into the workings of crisis driven media. You will learn how to spot and prevent a potential media crisis and how to deal with serious issues, including “door stepping journalists” and crisis driven media.

Crisis Management For Schools

A crisis can hit your school at any time. How you respond could be life-saving and is critical to your reputation. Prepare well and often.