PR Professionals Training

Your words will make all the difference.


Whether you need to raise your profile, promote your client or influence public opinion, you need training that is tailored to you. We always have time to listen, so talk to us and let us design a course that will maximise your impact.

It can be a challenge to find practical, tailored PR training

Our training will inspire you with ideas and empower you with the specific skills that you need to move your PR strategies and campaigns in the right direction.

Whether you attend one of our public courses or decide to have a workshop in-house, you’ll find that all of our PR training courses are tailored to the individuals on each course. This is because we spend time and effort beforehand. We research your organisation, your projects, and your initiatives so that the training you get is filled with inspirational, practical ideas that you can put into practice straight away.

Our full day courses will be designed specifically for you and your team to help you tackle a particular issue, or you can join one of our tailored public courses. We cover a range of subjects from running successful PR campaigns to managing public consultations. We also offer our Train the Trainer programme for journalists and PR professionals who would like to run their own Media Training courses.

So call us now to discuss your bespoke training or find out which of our scheduled courses will be best for you.


Train the Trainer – Media Training

Even with a background in journalism and PR media training your own executives and senior managers can be a daunting experience. Gain the skills you need to provide professional in-house media training for your key spokespeople.


Media Bootcamp

This course is the ideal way to update your proactive PR skills and refresh your approach to crisis media management. Filled with tips and advice, our tailored training will inspire you with ideas to raise your positive profile. You will also learn how to prepare effectively for a crisis.


Media Law and Crisis Communications

From potentially libellous social media posts, to the legal implications of an FIO Media Law is fast becoming a media minefield. Careless tweeting could cost you a fortune.


Proactive PR

Promoting yourself through the Media is free and simple – when you know how to do it.

This workshop will sharpen your communication tools and teach you the techniques that you need to thrive in PR.


Effective Press Release Writing Workshop

Raise your game with eye-catching press releases that actually tell a story. This workshop is for PR professionals who write press releases on a regular basis, but who would like to hone those skills.


Online and Digital Marketing

Learn how to grow, enhance and influence your business connections on our strategic social media marketing course. This advanced social media training is highly practical, helping you plan and implement your social media strategy.  

Internal Communications Training

For large organisations one of the biggest sections of your target audience is your own people. Understanding the importance of communicating and engaging with employees is an essential component of achieving your business goals.


Writing Compelling Online Content

In today’s content-driven world, we’re constantly bombarded with news, information, advice and opinion. Make your words stand out among the noise.

This one-day workshop will show you how to create publications and blog posts that are interesting, relevant and engaging  

Running Successful PR Campaigns

This course will help you plan strategic and successful PR campaigns. We will take you through our formula, step by step, helping you plan and implement a professional PR campaign. We start from project stage, discussing the brief and looking at the strategies and tactics that will help you achieve your objectives.  

Crisis Communications

This workshop is designed for PR professionals who may have to deal with a crisis or serious incident at very short notice. We will prepare you for almost every eventuality connected to any crisis issue as well as give you a structure and set of tools to conduct successful media relations in future.


Creating Professional iPhone Videos

This course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to produce effective video using only an iPhone or iPad and a few inexpensive apps and accessories. So-called ‘Mojo’ (mobile journalism) gives you a video studio in your pocket, ideal for those on low budgets or who need to produce video at short-notice at remote locations. With a mobile device you can shoot quality video in the field and edit anywhere, on the train or plane – even in a coffee shop!