Our Media Training Courses

Tailored, realistic training that will build your skills and confidence.


Whether you’re a media novice, or an experienced media performer, our highly practical media training is designed to enhance your skills. We research every client to make sure that you get exactly what you need from each media training course.

Media Training has never been more important

In a world of social media and 24/7 breaking news, knowing how to handle media is vital. Media interview training is essential for anyone who is going to speak with print journalists, go on a radio chat show or enter a TV studio.

Tailored training always works best, whether it’s a one to one session or working in a small supportive group. Our Media training is delivered by seasoned print and broadcast journalists, who are also experienced media trainers. They will ensure that you can promote your success stories and take control of more challenging media interviews, difficult questions and hostile journalists. You learn to see the interview from the journalist’s perspective, understand what they want from the interview and what makes a good story. This will help you plan your interviews and prepare your key messages. You will learn to find your own style, take control of the interview and stay on message.

We know that it’s not easy to find the time for training, so we make it easy for you. We can deliver training anywhere in the world, in your own premises, hired studios or in our training centre in Buckinghamshire. Get in touch to discuss your media training and we will tailor a package to suit you.

Media Interview Skills

Whether you are a media novice or well versed in media relations, you know that getting the message right with the media can be a real challenge – getting it wrong could wreck your reputation.

Remote Media Training

Media Training is even more important in challenging times. This essential training can now be accessed from your home or office. Our remote media training is practical, with tailored media interviews and playback analysis.

Crisis Media Training

When a crisis strikes you need to be able to react quickly and communicate confidently, safeguarding your reputation, your business and your position.


Advanced Media Skills Workshop

If you are already well versed in media relations or have done media training before, then this is the course for you. We take your skills to a new level, developing you as the media pundit for your industry or area of expertise.

Proactive PR and Media Interview Skills Training

Promoting yourself through the Media is free and simple – when you know how to do it.

This workshop will give you the skills that you need to face the media with energy, enthusiasm and confidence.


Media Awareness Training

Your organisation is full of good news, but not all of your staff appreciate the news value of the work that they do.

On this seminar they will learn how to work with your Communications team to promote your success stories to the media and enhance your reputation.


Social Media Training

Promote and protect your organisation online. Use social media to raise awareness of your activities, increase your influence and engage more widely with your target audiences.  

Executive One-to-One Media Coaching

Not all CEOs are natural spokespeople, but with specialist media coaching most can become industry experts and media pundits for national and trade journalists.

Media Training for Councillors

The perfect introduction to the media for new councillors

Managing the Media for Headteachers

Learn how to protect your school’s reputation in a crisis

Media Training and Presenting to Camera

Increase traffic to your website with engaging video content and enhance your media handling skills on this combined course.