Communication Skills

Give the greatest performance of your life, prepare, practice and deliver in style.

Prepare, practice and deliver in style

Addressing the crowd doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Know your subject, know your audience, keep it simple and rehearse. Communication skills are the key.

Whether you are speaking to large groups at conferences, presenting to camera, speaking to the Board or consulting at public meetings, you know that you need to communicate clearly and confidently.

You also need to understand your audience and be able adjust your message so that it resonates and makes sense to them. We can help you prepare your key messages, look good on camera, handle the crowd and deal with those awkward questions from the floor.

Presenting Online with Impact

Remote working  – Looking good on camera and using video wisely has never been more important.

Presentation Skills for Job Interviews

Going for a job interview is a daunting prospect. Prepare yourself with this essential course.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Public Speaking can be a terrifying experience for the uninitiated and uncomfortable for your audience.

This course will set you at ease. You will learn how to deliver talks for small meetings, larger conferences and formal presentations to your colleagues.


Presenting with Power and Impact

Public speaking is an art form made easier once you understand your audience, their hopes and expectations.

Addressing the crowd doesn’t have to be an ordeal – know your audience, know your subject and keep it simple.


Proactive PR for Public Health Professionals

Public health is a high profile operation that touches everybody’s lives, so using the media to change behaviour and promote healthier life styles is an opportunity not to be missed. How do you promote stories that are so often buried in government statistics or appear to be in direct conflict with government policy?


Public Consultation and Media Interview Skills

Achieving a positive outcome is easier if you are well prepared.

Our combined Media Training and Public Speaking course is designed specifically for Key Spokespeople, who need to communicate complex messages to a variety of challenging audiences.


Writing Compelling Online Content

In today’s content-driven world, we’re constantly bombarded with news, information, advice and opinion. Make your words stand out among the noise.

This one-day workshop will show you how to create publications and blog posts that are interesting, relevant and engaging.


Managing a Public Consultation and Dealing with Conflict

Achieving a positive outcome is easier if you are well prepared

This workshop is designed specifically for Key Spokespeople and Senior Managers, who have to communicate complex messages to a variety of challenging audiences.


Presenting to Camera and Zoom Skills

Our course will empower you with the skills that you need to present remotely.



Public Speaking and Media Interview Skills

Whether you have to present your research or launch a new product, speaking to audience and dealing with the media interest in your activities needs thorough preparation.


Select Committe Training

Facing a House of Commons Select Committee can be daunting for even the most experienced Chief Executive. Keeping your cool under the glare of a Select Committee’s hostile, even aggressive, line of questioning isn’t easy.



Gravitas, Authority and Credibility for New and Aspiring Leaders

Stepping up to a leadership role whilst looking young can be challenging, but a youthful appearance needn’t be a disadvantage.



Authentic Personal Branding

Make an impact, engage, influence, lead and inspire



Projecting an Executive Presence in Job interviews

Credible leaders communicate with authority, control and gravitas. Facing a panel interview can be daunting. You have to demonstrate that you have the perfect mix of competencies, skills and temperament required.