Media Training Courses

When you are booking training you need to know that you are getting the best.

Our media training is tailored to you and delivered by highly experienced trainers, all experts in their subjects, who will work with you in small groups, or one to one.

Media Training

Facing the media is a daunting prospect. They could ask you anything!

Relax, you are in safe hands. Our Media Trainers have decades of journalistic and training experience behind them, from The Ten O’Clock News and BBC Newsnight to ITN News, BBC radio and leading National newspapers and magazines.

They will lead you through the whole process. Demystifying the media; giving you the media interview skills to prepare, plan and take control of media interviews.

The key is practise, you will take part in a series of tailored media interviews, which are recorded and played back for analysis.

PR Skills Training

Finding the right course for you and your team can be tricky, especially if are you have different requirements and expectations. An ‘off the peg” training course rarely delivers everything that you need.

We offer a range of Public Relation skills courses, that can be amended and tailored to suit you, giving you training that will inspire and empower you.

We research your company, your projects and your initiatives, so that the training you get is filled with inspirational, practical ideas that you can put into practice straight away.

Make sure your organisation gets the media coverage it deserves.

Communication Skills

Addressing the crowd doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Know your subject, know your audience, keep it simple and rehearse.

Whether you are speaking to large groups at conferences, presenting to camera, speaking to the Board or consulting at public meetings, you know that you need to communicate clearly and confidently.

You also need to understand your audience and be able adjust your message so that it resonates and makes sense to them. We can help you prepare your key messages, look good on camera, handle the crowd and deal with those awkward questions from the floor.

Crisis Management

Don’t wait for the worst to happen, be prepared for a media crisis. You can stay cool, calm, controlled and considered when disaster strikes, but it takes thorough preparation.

Being able to deal with challenging scenarios and manage the media in a crisis are essential skills for CEOs, executives and senior managers. You need to front up and take control, set the agenda, monitor social media and manage the release of news.

Our crisis management training can help you with everything, from exploring your key concerns on our crisis media strategy day, to taking you through the most challenging media interviews from hostile, doorstepping journalists.

Bespoke Training Courses

We offer public media training courses in our training centre, but most of our training is delivered in our client’s own premises. Our trainers can, and do, travel across the UK and worldwide. We also have access to professional broadcast studios in London and regionally.

We can deliver bespoke media training, when and where you need it.

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Ready to get started?

Whether you book bespoke media training for a group, or come on one of our small open courses, we work with you from the start. We tailor individual interview scenarios and practical exercises for each participant. We ask you about any additional issues that you need us to cover, so when you finish the training you have the skills and confidence you need to face the challenges ahead.

Our training doesn’t end on the day. As well as our training materials, media interview guides and videos, we also offer telephone support for important media interviews, should you need this, for up to 12 months after the training. Let our Media Friendly trainers enhance your skills.

Call us today 01628 474154 to discuss your tailored media training. Download our brochure.

Whether you need to grow your online presence, present in public or update your traditional media handling skills our media and presentation skills trainers will help you stay ahead of the game.

Media Friendly started as a dedicated media training company in 1998. Since then Media Friendly has delivered Media Training programmes to major organisations, government departments, the NHS and the public sector for more than twenty years. Our Media Interview Skills Training, PR and Presentation Skills courses are delivered by expert trainers, who are also experienced BBC journalists and great media mentors.

If you or your spokespeople are planning to speak at a conference, have to deal with negativity on social media or handle a broadcast media interview our tailored training will empower you with the skills that you need you to communicate with skill and confidence.

If you haven’t had media training it’s easy to feel intimidated when the media first contact you. The common fear is that they could ask you anything, and that you have to answer everything that they ask.

It’s actually your platform, your opportunity to communicate your success stories and your corporate key messages. Media Training will teach you how to take control of media interviews, address awkward questions and deal with difficult journalists.

Our trainers are all former and working journalists who will act as your media mentors, showing you how to prepare for media interviews, anticipate difficult interview questions and handle broadcast media interviews.