Schools are full of good news, but they can also be thrown into a media crisis at a moment’s notice. 


Learn how to protect your school’s reputation in a crisis and promote your success stories more effectively on this informative and entertaining webinar.

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Course Details

On this engaging webinar you will learn how to use the media more proactively, drip-feeding positive stories to raise your profile and enhance the reputation of your school.

You will also learn how to spot and avert a potential media crisis and how to handle the media effectively should a serious incident occur.

This can be delivered as a webinar or a face-to-face seminar, we include practical exercises and media interviews, which are recorded and played back for analysis.

Get the best from the course

  • We will liaise with you prior to the webinar to discuss recent media concerns and upcoming events.
  • Complete your pre-course. questionnaire so that we can cover any specific issues.
  • We restrict the numbers to make sure that you get plenty of time for the practical media interviews, playback analysis and the one to one tuition.

What to expect

The three hour webinar is divided into two sessions, a Proactive session followed by a Crisis session, each filled with practical exercises and media advice. This will be tailored to your own school or multi-academy trust.

All exercises are reviewed and analysed. We can take a maximum of thirty participants per webinar or twenty on a longer face-to-face seminar. We send out pre-course questionnaires to help us tailor the training so that you get exactly what you need from this course.

Who should attend

  • Headteachers
  • Deputies
  • Teachers
  • Senoir Staff
  • Press officers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Senior leaders

All Participants Receive

  • Workshop Materials
  • Media Interview rule book and handy tips card to help with future media interviews
  • Written assessments if required
  • A certificate of attendance if required

You will learn how

  • The Media works today
  • What makes a news story
  • To generate news interest in your activities
  • Recognise what is genuinely newsworthy in your activities
  • Develop key messages for your school and your story
  • Understand how and when to pitch a story to a journalist
  • Promote your school and your success stories.
  • Enhance your reputation and raise your profile
  • Develop a media strategy
  • Understand how to handle a crisis a media enquiry effectively
  • Know what to say in a crisis
  • Handle door-stepping journalists effectively
  • Understand how to prepare well for a media interview
  • Learn how to answer difficult questions
  • Appreciate the differences for print, radio, Zoom and TV interviews
  • Manage Social Media effectively
  • To take control of a media interview

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