If you work for a large organisation, more likely than not you will have a well organised Communications team who work hard to raise your profile and get you the media interest that you deserve. They will be constantly be on the look out for media opportunities and have a diary of events planned. They will also be ready to react to events and sometimes to offer an opinion from an industry expert at virtually zero notice.

It’s a tough job and, as with all news, you have to act fast. If your Communications manager can’t offer an expert who is able to handle media interviews confidently, the media will go to someone else who can. If they don’t speak to you, they will call your competitor, and it will be their company that is seen on national or local news.

Media opportunities are golden, and the chance for you to shine. Make sure that you’ve polished up your media interview skills.  Be prepared, be available and be keen when the Communications team ask you to speak to the media.

Media Friendly specialise in broadcast media training. We will empower your key spokespeople with skills that they need to face the media with confidence.