After more than a year and a half of remote working it can be a challenge to get the feelings of camaraderie and purpose back.

Face-to-face media training is much more than learning how to give an effective media interview, handle a media crisis effectively or deal with door-stepping journalists.

Executive Team Building

We’ve found that as well as enhancing your media interview skills, face-to-face media training is also a great way to reunite and refocus senior teams who have been working remotely. 

We focus on your organisation, your brand and your purpose. We work with you on your key messages, testing these messages through a series of media interviews. We make sure that you can you are able to deal effectively with probing questions whether you are giving a media interview or handling questions at a conference or public meeting.

Not all senior staff are as “media savvy” as they could be.  Often there are just too many other things to do than think about the news value of a special project, initiative or report. 

 Taking Advantage of Media Opportunities

Media training highlights the possibilities and the advantages offered by the media. Participants learn how to spot a potential news story and work proactively with the Communications team to raise their profile and promote their organisation or brand.

The added benefit of having group face-to-face media training is the strong team-building element that develops naturally throughout the day. 

 Remote Media Training

Of course we are still delivering remote media training and 1:1 remote executive media coaching, that’s never going away. 

So whether you are planning media training in-house, remotely, or you would like to attend an open course in our training centre, do get in touch.

 We will discuss your training requirements and devise a tailored training programme for your organisation. Call us on 01628 474154, email us at