A-Level exam grades are dominating the headlines today, but controversy surrounds how the results have been decided and the messages are mixed. Are the results “unfair” or are these the  highest scores ever achieved at A* and A grades?

Will universities be ultra-flexible, allowing students with lower grades on to their courses, or will this have a detrimental impact on students going on to higher education?

Journalists want a story; they need human interest and controversy. If you are speaking to the media you need to prepare, and prepare well.

What’s your story?

Who is your audience?

What are your key messages?

What is your school’s angle on the issues?

What questions is the journalist likely to ask?

Have you prepared your Q&As?

Have you had media training recently?

If you haven’t had a refresher media training course in the last two years, don’t use your next media interview as a learning experience. Reputations can be destroyed in minutes.

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