There’s never been a more challenging time to be a journalist, not only are they under immense time pressure, but often the resources that they need to cover the story thoroughly are no longer there.

Whilst that’s frustrating for journalists it means that, if you are well prepared and helpful, you have more chance of getting the media coverage that you want.

It can be said that the more you help the journalist, the more you help yourself. Make sure that you know your story and have plenty of facts to back it up. Be ready for your interview, rehearse your messages. They may be busy, but they will still have time for the tricky questions. Anticipate the difficult questions and have answers ready, just in case.

Have a vision of how you would like to see your story presented, paint a picture in words in your interview, but also have plenty of photos and images that you can share with them to make their coverage stand out. You should be able to provide the journalist with additional background information, images and links to your social media pages pages where you should also be running the story. If you have a press officer or Communications team, they will be doing this for you, if not we can help you.

Our Proactive PR Skills course takes you through the whole process, from highlighting the story, writing the blogs and press releases to “selling in” the story to the journalist.  If you are already doing this, then the next step is our Campaign Management course. If you are new to PR and Communications or would like to book tailored training for your Communications team or media training for your spokespeople do get in touch.

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