Gravitas, Authority and Credibility for New and Aspiring Leaders

Stepping up to a leadership role whilst still looking young can be challenging, but a youthful appearance needn’t be a disadvantage.

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Course Details

 Establishing a strong executive presence is a priority in the first few days as a leader. Taking charge from the start will set you on the path to leadership success.

If you are an aspiring or new leader this course will empower you with the skills that you need to harness your energy and lead with authority, control and poise.

What to expect

You will work through a series of tailored exercises, which will develop your natural authority and gravitas. These exercises will be based on your everyday encounters with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, pupils, and parents. Each exercise will be recorded and played back for analysis highlighting the positives to build your confidence and credibility.

Who should attend

  • Aspiring leaders
  • Newly appointed leaders
  • New headteachers and deputy headteachers
  • Young executives, directors and heads of service

All Participants Receive

  • A recording of practical exercises
  • Workshop materials and media Interview rulebook and handy tips card to help with future media interviews
  • Written assessments if required
  • A certificate of attendance if required

    You will learn

    • Give an authoritative first impression
    • To communicate with confidence
    • Appear focused, serious and sombre
    • Throttle back, slow it down, pace your breathing and speech
    • Say less and mean more, pause and use silences to convey authority
    • Listen intently and actively when others speak
    • Maintain appropriate eye contact
    • Stand tall, sit still, show your presence in your stature
    • Take up more space to increase your impact
    • Use your voice to command and display control
    • Use strong measured beats to sound more forceful
    • Use your passion and confidence to convey certainty
    • Let your voice drop at the end of the sentence to express your authority
    • Speak with influence and conviction
    • Build empathy with large audiences when speaking in public
    • Develop a personal style that allows others believe effortlessly in your natural authority
    • Deal with challenging people and difficult situations
    • Handle awkward questions from parents or colleagues
    • Show natural gravitas and authority in every encounter

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          How to get the best out of this course

          • We will liaise with your Communications team to devise tailored interviews scenarios
          • Please complete your pre-course questionnaire so that we can cover any specific issues
          • We restrict the numbers to just six people per course to make sure that you get plenty of time for the practical media interviews, playback analysis and the one to one tuition