Executive One-to-One Media Coaching

Not all CEOs are natural media spokespeople, but with specialist media coaching most can become industry experts and media pundits for national and trade journalists.

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Course Details

Our one-to-one media coaching is highly interactive, with plenty of discussion, challenging questions, media interviews and playback analysis.

What to expect

Our executive media coaching is fully tailored to you and delivered on Zoom or face-to-face. 

We start with an overview of the media that is relevant to you and your organisation. We explore your target audiences and show how to tailor your messages and tweak them to specific media outlets so that they resonate with your audience. We will review how others in your own specialism or industry are placing articles, getting hits and gaining traction.

We will discuss your key messages and your views on trends in your specialism or industry. We then run our first media interview and analyse your messages, reviewing your choice of words and tone to ensure that they resonate with your audience. 

We will explore your stories and messages showing how to weave your key them in seamlessly during briefings, business updates and media interviews. We will test these messages again through a series of media interviews and questions, which would be played back for validity and impact. We would work with you to hone and enhance these messages before moving on to potentially challenging questions and journalistic tricks.

You will learn how to become media reactive and being able to offer expert comment on relevant stories as they break. Our aim is to ensure that you are comfortable and confidence as the “go-to” media spokesperson and expert commentator in your specialism.

What do you need?

A computer or mobile device with reliable internet access, a comfy chair and a headset if you have one.

How do you access the online media coaching?

Just like a webinar, we will send you the login details and you will need to log in using those instructions.

Additional support

We will also provide simple, clear notes, both before and after the course to each participant.  We can also provide the recorded training session.

You will learn

  • How the media works today
  • What makes a news story
  • To generate news interest in your activities
  • Overview of relevant national, print, broadcast, online and trade media
  • How national media differs from trade, their agenda, their target audiences
  • How does that affect your messaging
  • How are your competitors doing, examples both good and bad
  • Discussion on your media strategies, raising your profile, placing articles
  • How to increase traction and get the media hits
  • Setting the pace and being media reactive
  • How you can elevate your status to become the “go-to” media expert
  • To tailor your key messages to your audiences
  • How to weave your key messages into a business update, media interview or briefing

How to get the best out of this course

  • We will liaise with your Communications team to devise tailored interviews scenarios
  • Please complete your pre-course questionnaire so that we can cover any specific issues
  • Bring or forward any previous recorded broadcast media interviews if relevant



    Participants Receive

    • A recording of practical exercises
    • Workshop materials and media Interview rulebook and handy tips card to help with future media interviews
    • Written assessments if required
    • A certificate of attendance if required


      Who should attend

      • Chief Executives and Directors
      • Senior Managers
      • Aspirational Leaders

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