Crisis Media Strategy Session for Executive Teams

Keep cool and confident in a crisis, be prepared when a crisis strikes.

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Course Details

Keep cool and confident in a crisis, be prepared when a crisis strikes.

You may not have a communications team that you can call on in a crisis, but you still need to be prepared should the worst happen.

Let our Crisis Media Trainers take you through the process, helping you develop your strategy, communication documents and crisis communications plan.

How it works

We start by exploring your current plans and examining the issues that could hit you and how you should respond. We cover crisis management theory, best practice as well as examples of disastrous crisis communications.

You then work with you on planning, developing your strategy ideas, communication tools, holding statements, Q&A’s and corporate key messages.

Our aim is to help you prepare for almost every eventuality as well as help you develop a structure and set of tools to help you to minise damage and protect your reputation in a crisis.

We will also advise on any additional agency support that you may need, leaving you free to manage your business.

Who should attend

  • Chief Executives and Directors
  • Business owners
  • Senior Managers and Leaders
  • Communications Executives
  • Media and PR managers
  • Senior press officers 

All Participants Receive

  • Workshop materials and media Interview rulebook
  • Handy tips card to help with future media interviews
  • Ideas for enhancing your crisis strategy
  • Ideas for your crisis media plan
  • Advice on additional support

Get the best from the course

  • We will focus on crises that could affect your organisation, and your crisis communication plan and strategy. We may review this before hand with you.
  • We offer Crisis Media Strategy brain storming session, before or after this course, to help you develop your plans
  • We can also help you to develop your crisis media strategy, if required
  • Keep the numbers low, no more than six people. This will ensure that you get plenty of time for the practical media interviews, playback analysis and the one to one tuition
  • Please complete your pre-course questionnaire so that we can cover any specific issues

You will learn

  • Crisis driven media – Why a strategy is needed
  • How to reflect on relevant case studies
  • From discussions on your issues
  • How to develop key messages on specific media crises
  • How to handle a potential crisis/serious issue
  • Local media landscape – who are the players locally / nationally?
  • Who are the main spokespeople?
  • Who is the audience – list of stakeholders?
  • What is needed from a Crisis Communications Plan?
  • Which written statements you need to prepare
  • How to develop Q&A Documents for potential media interviews around most likely crises
  • What you need to put in your Backgrounder
  • Where to go from here. Do you need additional support?

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