The worst has happened, hopefully you have prepared well. Here are a few tips to remember in a crisis.

  1. Act Promptly
  2. Don’t dither – don’t leave a vacuum for others to fill. Social media will spread all sorts of rumours within minutes.
  3. Front Up – Offer a credible, media trained spokesperson. The broadcast media need a person. Radio needs a voice, television needs a face (and hopefully a voice, too).
  4. Leave print interviews to your communications team. They can send a written statement within minutes of a crisis occurring. Newspapers currency is still the written word – so send them the written word.
  5. But radio – needs sound – so they need your voice.
  6. The same for television – you need to front up.
  7. What do you say? Well, stick to the facts, don’t spin.
  8. You will never know all the facts, but you will know most on day 1 within minutes of whatever crisis has occurred.
  9. Remember you only need to fill 3 minutes for a radio interview and maybe less for a live TV interview.
  10. So just tell them the basic facts and don’t be afraid to repeat yourself. You won’t sound repetitive because you will be relaying the same facts in different words.
  11. You can do it – with a bit of training and practice.
    Call us, preferably before a crisis hits, but if you need help now we can offer advice and support.

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