Crisis Media Awareness Seminar

Not everyone needs to speak to the media in a crisis, but they do need to understand how to protect your reputation.

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Course Details

Not everyone needs to speak to the media in a crisis, but they do need to understand how to protect your reputation.

This informative and entertaining seminar gives a good insight into the workings of crisis driven media. You will learn how to spot and prevent a potential media crisis and how to deal with serious issues, including “door stepping journalists” and crisis driven media.

How it works

This three-hour seminar is designed to give a good overview of crisis driven media, show how to handle media enquiries and deal with door-stepping journalists. It is ideal as a half-day event or as a talk at your annual conference or networking event.

We include video clips to illustrate our points and encourage audience interaction. We usually ask for one, or more, volunteers to take part in a practice media interview. We would then reply the interview, highlighting the lessons to be learnt from this random example.

Who should attend

  • Senior Managers and Leaders
  • Councillors
  • On-call Managers
  • Managers
  • Non-spokespeople



    All Participants Receive

    • Workshop materials and media Interview rulebook
    • A certificate of attendance if required

    Get the best from this course

    • Plan this as part of a conference or business networking event
    • Use it as an introduction to the media for non-spokespeople, middle managers and other staff
    • Liaise with us to ensure that the content is highly relevant
    • Let us know the crises that could affect your organisation
    • Keep the numbers to a maximum of twenty people on this bespoke seminar


      You will learn

      • How the media works today
      • How the media
works in a crisis
      • The issues that could hit you
      • Working with your Communications Team
      • Prevent or avert a potential media crisis.
      • The impact of social media
      • Our 3 R’s crisis media formula
      • Dealing with door-stepping journalists
      • The importance of respecting journalist deadlines
      • How to communicate key messages about your issues
      • How to get your major points across by being assertive in interviews
      • To show grace and have confidence under pressure
      • Show you how to sound authoritative and confident
      • Confidence, being comfortable, body language

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