Crisis Management for Schools

A crisis can hit your school at any time. How you respond could be life-saving and is critical to your reputation. Prepare well and often.

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Course Details

A crisis can hit your school at any time. Anything from violent assaults to fires, floods and bomb threats can disrupt the orderly running of your school, potentially causing chaos and endangering lives. Protecting your pupils and staff, maintaining calm and restoring order is your priority.

This course will help school leaders prepare for the unexpected. They will learn how to manage a crisis as it unfolds, preventing escalation and minimising disruption.

What to expect

This full day course will be tailored to your school and empower your headteachers, deputies and senior staff with the skills that they need to deal with a crisis or serious incident at very short notice. We will prepare you for almost every eventuality connected to any crisis issue as well as give you a structure and set of tools to conduct successful media relations in future.

We start with a strategic overview of crisis management, but the main part of the training is highly practical, stimulating and challenging.

We will devise two crisis driven exercises for the team to work through, one predictable, the other unexpected. All exercises are reviewed and analysed to highlight positive and negative aspects. A strong team-building element develops naturally through the day as participants support each other in the learning experience.

Our ultimate aim is to enhance your skills and ensure that you feel comfortable and confident when dealing with serious issues.

Who should attend

  • Headteachers
  • Deputy Headteachers
  • The Leadership team and senior staff
  • Anyone with a media-facing role
  • Anyone involved in emergency planning


    All Participants Receive

    • A recording of practical exercises
    • Workshop materials and media Interview rulebook 
    • Written assessments if required
    • A certificate of attendance if required


      You will learn

      • How to prepare for a crisis
      • How to identify the issues that could hit you
      • Develop your crisis management team
      • How to deal with a major incident
      • Protect pupils and staff
      • What materials you need and how to prepare them
      • Identify your audiences
      • Develop crisis management strategies and action plan
      • How to minimise disruption and maintain order
      • Manage your communication
      • Develop your communication tools
      • Identify your audience and your crisis spokespeople
      • How to handle all types of crisis media interviews
      • Maintain control of media interviews
      • Ensure your side of the story is heard

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        How to get the best out of this course?

        • We will liaise with your Communications team to devise tailored interviews scenarios
        • Please complete your pre-course questionnaire so that we can cover any specific issues
        • We restrict the numbers to just six people per course to make sure that you get plenty of time for the practical media interviews, playback analysis and the one to one tuition

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