Schools have faced enormous pressures over the past two years. Headteachers and senior leaders have had to adapt quickly, learning how to deal with crises as they happen, with little time to plan or prepare.

 Although thankfully infrequent, serious issues do happen and often when least expected. You may have to deal instantly with anything, from a violent assault to fires, floods and bomb threats.  

 Protecting your pupils and staff, maintaining calm and restoring order is your priority.

 Preparation is key to managing a serious issue or crisis effectively.

 Our Crisis Management and Media Skills course will empower your headteachers, deputies and senior staff with the skills that they need to deal with a crisis or serious incident at very short notice. They will learn how to manage a crisis as it unfolds, preventing escalation and minimising disruption.

 This type of training is best delivered as a full day for the Senior Management Team or designated Crisis Management Team. It’s an invaluable but intensive course, tailored to your school.

We will prepare you for almost every eventuality connected to any crisis issue as well as give you a structure and set of tools to conduct successful media relations in future.

 Do get in touch or call us to discuss your tailored training and we will devise a tailored training programme for your organisation. Call us on 01628 474154, email us at