“It all happened so fast and the crew were amazing.”

The near catastrophe that was averted yesterday by British Airways is something that all airlines prepare for constantly. Passenger safety is paramount.

Knowing your top priority is essential to the success of any business. Knowing how to spot and handle a potential crisis, regardless of your industry or sector, is critical to your reputation. The speed and efficiency of the response by all concerned is as impressive as it is reassuring. Any organisation can be thrown into an emergency situation without warning, but it’s how you respond that makes or breaks your reputation. Taking time to develop robust plans, rehearse and practise crisis scenarios is never time wasted. Whether it is staff preparing emergency evacuation procedures or senior managers enhancing their crisis communication skills, you need to be prepared.

No one knows yet what caused the incident at McCarran, one of the USA’s major airports, but it was more than just luck that got all passengers off the aircraft in just four minutes. An excellent job by all concerned, I’d fly BA from McCarran any day.