Getting senior management “buy-in” for media training can be challenging. There is nothing quite like a pandemic to highlight the importance and power of the media.

Understanding the modern media landscape and how to prepare effectively for media interviews is an essential management skill. Sadly there are too many examples of senior leaders that have agreed to media interviews, to run the gauntlet of seasoned broadcast journalists, without any media training or even a nod from their Communications team.

It’s not often we get a gift from the Daily Mail, but this car crash interview Rolls-Royce CEO Warren East gave to BBC News when announcing 9,000 job losses, is worth sharing.

Not just because of the astounding media incompetence demonstrated in the first interview, (that’s a hard one to live down) but because the second interview shows that tailored media training and proper preparation can really help protect your reputation in a crisis.

This pandemic shows no sign of slowing down and the future is far from certain. It’s an ill wind, as they say. Some organisations are thriving, others are fighting for their very survival.  One thing is for sure, whether you have good news to share or you are defending your company in a crisis, you should never, ever face the media unprepared.

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