The BBC are reporting that Google’s Chief Executive, Sundar Pichai, will NOT be appearing in front of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, offering to send one of his top lawyers instead. The offer was promptly shut down by the committee who will be leaving an “Empty Chair” to represent Google’s non-appearance.

The non-appearance of Google’s kingpins will smack of arrogance to the vast majority of the general public – Google’s customers.

Media coaches know the types of questions the Senate could ask. Together with Google they could prepare their Chief Executive and tick the “safe hands” corporate box which lawyers insist on. It can be done.

Sending a lawyer sends the wrong message. It says we have something to hide. It also implies that we (Google) are somehow above the law, above even Government and can act with impunity. This is not democratic, in a country which values democracy and freedom above all else.

Eventually even the public won’t tolerate it.

So, Sundar, please would you or Larry Page (the CEO of Google’s parent firm Alphabet) bridge the gap between keeping the lawyers happy and reassuring your most valuable customers – the public. I would call that true leadership. Decent media coaching from experienced practitioners can help you bridge this gap and reassure your customers and the US Government that Google is a source for good in this world! No need to hide.