How will your housing association respond to the media interest in damp and mould ?

Now that he Government “Guidance” on damp and mould for social and other landlords has been published, all housing associations will face increased media scrutiny.

How prepared are you for the increased media scrutiny into “Awaab’s Law?

Social housing landlords will, of course, “address the health risks of damp and mould” as a top priority. You will also need to be proactive in your communications approach, communicating key messages to a multi-layered audience, which includes your tenants, stakeholders and the media.

There is a section in the Government Guidance published on entitled “Taking a proactive approach to reduce the risk of damp and mould”. Communicating what you are doing in your housing association is part of that proactive approach.

We can deliver tailored media training, focusing on your actions and key messages on the 5 main issues contained within the Government Guidance:

  • Health effects of damp and mould
  • People at increased risk from damp and mould
  • Legal standards on damp and mould in rented homes
  • Identifying and addressing damp and mould in your property
  • Reducing the risk of damp and mould developing

The Guidance provides us all with a framework to work on – and we will use this to empower your Senior Leadership Team on the key messaging relevant to your housing association.


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