Authentic Personal Branding

Make an impact, engage, influence, lead and inspire

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Course Details

This course will help you develop an authentic personal brand that aligns with your ambitions, beliefs and competencies. You will learn how to make your personal brand resonate with a range of audiences.

We will help you increase your self-awareness and understand the significance and value of your ‘personal brand’, whether you are communicating with clients, investors, stakeholders or business colleagues.

You learn how to make the right impact by carefully considering the expectations of your audience. You will build better rapport by matching characteristics of your brand to resonate with their communication style and preferences.


What to expect

Each course will be fully tailored. We start with a short overview of personal brands, and how to create your brand to engage with others, influence outcomes and make a positive impact.

We discuss engagement strategies, the importance of consistent messages and managing your reputation.  We will focus on your strengths, values and skill sets. We look at your ambitions and goals and how you want to be perceived.

You will then take part in a series of practical exercises. These are recorded and played back for analysis.

These exercises will be tailored to you and designed to help you prepare for a range of interactions. We help you focus on and illuminate the parts of your brand that will have the best impact in any given situation.

We can take a maximum of six participants per full day course. We send out pre-course questionnaires to help us tailor the training so that you get exactly what you need from the day.

Who should attend

  • Aspiring leaders who would like to raise their profile and manage client relationships with ease.
  • Newly appointed managers who would like to show confidence and presence from day 1
  • Managers who want to build strong, effective teams
  • Sales and marketing teams who have to pitch with personality, credibility and confidence to win contracts, influence decisions or grow business

All Participants Receive

  • Workshop handouts
  • Written confidential feedback, if required
  • Certificate, if required

    You will learn

    • About your own unique attributes and how to align them to your goals and ambitions through developing your personal brand
    • To consider different settings and develop the most relevant approach to increase your influence and impact
    • How to keep your brand authentic, whilst considering and matching the quality and communication preferences of your audience
    • How to create the right impression in all your interactions
    • Techniques to ensure that others see you as you would like to be seen
    • How to use your voice, tone, pitch and pace, appropriately
    • To make the most of your non-verbal communication whether face to face, on camera or on social media
    • Strategies to help you deliver on your personal brand on social media and in face-to-face interactions and presentations
    • How to use your core strengths and skills to build a successful career


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        How to get the best out of this course

        • We will liaise with your Communications team to devise tailored interviews scenarios
        • Please complete your pre-course questionnaire so that we can cover any specific issues